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Rockwell Porta Band, Model 725

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  • Rockwell Porta Band, Model 725

    Found one of these at a garage sale for $5. The big "however" is that it's got a few decades of caked-on grease, bird droppings and general neglect but it does work.

    During teardown, found that the drive pulley will not disengage from the sprocket beneath. The center spindle screw has been removed as well as the three, Phillips-head screws surrounding it and yet it won't budge. Only thing I feel (I think) is the pullley pulling up against the chain via the stuck sprocket.when I try and lift the drive pulley with my fingers.

    Doesn't make sense but I'm hoping someone's got a suggestion.

    Wondering if I should reinstall the base/pulley on the main body where the motor worm gear will hold the drive gear in place and then try tapping the pulley against the belt teeth to try and bust it loose. Failing that, use a heat gun and try to move it that way. I have some penetrating oil--Kroil--'working' on the parts for a couple of days now but so far, nothing's moving.


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    Need pictures
    When I get Time... I'll...


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      When you have a wheel like that, there is always a chance that it's threaded, and a reverse (left hand) thread at that. . Noope. The parts list does not show a threaded spindle.
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        Got the same saw. I don't recall anything holding it on other than what you described. Any luck so far?
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          Thanks for the responses! I'll get a pic or two posted shortly.

          I've kept it damp with Kroil for a week or so and still no luck. Thought that just a tap would free it up but still no movement. Thinking perhaps that the two parts might have become bonded to one another in the event moisture got in there somehow. That's doubtful, though, as the attaching hardware came loose without a hitch. May try a propane torch on the periphery but don't want to damage the seal around the roller bearing..

          If that doesn't work, may have to resort to a Ouija Board..


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            Still stuck;...

            Here's a photo of the drive pulley. I think at this point, I'm going to reassemble it, put a band on and carefully use it with the pulley screw in but without the (3) sprocket screws in.

            Think the operating stresses might at least loosen whatever bond is holding the pulley and sprocket together? --or bad idea? I don't think the drive chain can get into any trouble under there.
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