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Enco 12X36 control circuit

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  • Enco 12X36 control circuit

    I purchased a 12X36 110-2031bench lathe back in 1991 and had a problem since new where there is a delay in powering down. The delay was in operation of the forward stop reverse lever on the apron. Moving to forward the lathe comes on moving to stop nothing happens for several seconds to several minutes. When this happens the emergency stop button also does not work. Reverse works fine start stop etc..
    I have been living with this for a long time but now want to fix it. Unable to determine what the problem was myself I got someone to take a look . He found when selecting stop there was still voltage to the contactor (about 12V instead of 24V) enough to keep it closed/on. We were not able to determine why. Also this is with the emergency stop switch open.
    After several hours we gave up he called me latter saying he taught the problem might be related to a rectifier in the control relay base used to power the 24VDC control relay. (Omron MY2) . The rectifier is a small (about 1/4in dia) bridge rectifier shown on the wiring diagram.
    Has anyone seen a problem like this if so what was the resolution ? Also it appears getting parts is a problem. I found this online it looks simular to the one installed on the machine but the input voltage is 18V and it is not full wave.

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    This type of lathe probably has a micro switch under the gearbox at the end of the switch/reverse lever rod. Oil finds its way into the microswitch and uncertain things follow. Replace the microswitch and shield it from oil if possible.


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      That switch was under a cover all taped up. I removed the covering and was able to meter it nd it seems to be working properly. Also if there was a problem with the switch the emergency stop should work.
      I do not think there are micro switches in there it looks like a barrel switch see attached pictures. The person that came to look at it believes the control relay and contactor are being back fed through the rectifier that powers the control relay. See attached diagram..???
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