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    looking for a hex die 1 7/16 across the flats with a 1/2-20 right hand thread....

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    Are you cutting new threads or are you using it to clean up old threads. Hex dies are usually thread CHASERS, not dies. Dies are usually round. If you want to cut new threads with a hex die, it probably won't last long.


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      See the thread in "general". The OUTSIDE of a die says nothing about what it does, it is the INSIDE that determines whether it cuts or re-forms.

      If the inside form shows a "hook" to the cutting edge, then it is for cutting. If the edge is blunted, or even negative rake, then it is for re-forming.

      Nearly all reforming dies are hex (so you can turn them with a wrench, never seen a round one), and "most" cutting dies are round. But some hex dies are for cutting (older Craftsman, for instance). That's just so the makers could force you back to them to get dies.
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        Snap-On? Click image for larger version

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