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Pedersen Horizontal milling machine.

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  • Pedersen Horizontal milling machine.

    I would like to get in touch with someone owning an old pederson horizontal milling machine. Purchased 12 years ago from a hight school in Ontario-Peterborough and kept it a shed in pieces until now.
    The electric motor must be at least 5 or 7 HP judging by the weighty.
    I am giving the machine away to a neighbor since the property is for sale.
    can someone tell what would be the voltage?
    Inside the motor connector box a label reads:
    110 023 A.
    I cannot believe it would mean 110 volts. It is definitely 3 phase.
    Never seen in my long life a beast of that size on 110 volts.
    Any comments/suggestions appreciated.

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    It could be 575 Volts. Both my mills were originally sold in Canada and were equipped with 575-V motors and electrics. I changed the motors and electrics on one to 240-v VFDs and left the other intact. I power the latter through a 240-575-v 3-phase transformer setup fed by a PhasePerfect.