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Odd Wilton Vise Behavior

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  • Odd Wilton Vise Behavior

    I needed a bigger vise. I had a 4" Wilton, but it was just not big enough. I bought a used Wilton 645 5" vise. Just the right size.

    There is a problem. The bar that connects the movable jaw to the base flexes. When I am sawing on a bolt, or tapping a larger bolt, the jaw will tend to bend away from the workpiece. It flexes in the left/right plane and the rotate in plane. Anything to "get away from the work".

    The movable jaw is cast iron. The bar is 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 3/16 steel of some unknown formula. There is no weld or pin holding it into the jaw.

    I contacted Wilton, but they are puzzled, too.

    Has anyone had this problem? How did you fix it? I'd like to fix it, as it's annoying. A new 5" quality vise is $350 - $700.

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    John: Maybe a pic or two would help us understand what is going on. Is this one of the "bullet" vises?


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      First decent pic I found.

      Looks as if the moving jaw is on a piece of thinnish square tubing. Not likely to be a good system. Not a heavy-duty vise anyway, so perhaps flex etc is to be expected?

      Mostly vises with an anvil including a horn, are lightweight consumer products. Almost good enough to use.
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        Not a bullet vise.

        The 4" Wilton, the bar was, or seemed to be, cast with the jaw. Thick horizontal bar, and only slightly thinner vertical bars. Rigid as a banker's "No!"

        Maybe a good, used, Columbian 5". Their bar is the same as the Wilton 4". Maybe sell this one on. Will certainly test any candidate.