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  • Need special DC Motor Help

    Hi Folks,
    I'm new on this forum.....I'm a "garage inventor" hoping to find a source for specialty DC motors. It's a mess online trying to find what I exactly need, and I end up lost on Alibaba and IndiaMart! I'm looking for a friend who can look at my specs. and say---"Oh, you need to go to XYZ Store!" I need several small powerful DC motors that are simply "dumb motors" with 2-wire leads so I can easily change rotation by changing polarity. I don't have room for multi-channel slip rings, or servo systems, and I just need simple motors that run! My size limitation is ~ 3" x 3" x 3" cube for the body of the motor. Speed must be (about) 3,000---5,000, with as much power and torque as possible for that size of motor. I need about 10 of these motors and am willing to pay high for the right motor. So, is someone out there a "DC Motor Nerd" and knows where to send me?? I'm saying prayers right now that some brainiac will read this and will help me "change the world" !!

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    Dc brushed motors..

    .044 HP 27.5 Volt DC 7400 RPM Motor, DC Motors Face Mount, .044 HP 27.5 VDC 7400 RPM MOTOR, .044 HP 27.5 VDC MOTOR New, GE model 5BN14EA2, shuntGE,5BN14EA2,


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      Have you considered motors for hand-held, battery operated drills? Cheap and lots of power. Search on generic part numbers: RS-775, RS-555? Something like this: It's hard to beat their power/size ratio. They do not like to be stalled at full current. There's a tiny fan in the back for a good reason.


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        Electric mobility motors.

        A buddy of mine used to service electric wheel chairs and scooters. All the older designs were simple 2 wire DC motors.
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