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Adapt a 3 jaw chuck to rotary table

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  • Adapt a 3 jaw chuck to rotary table

    I have a 6" rotary table with a MT-2 taper in the center and 4 t-slots in the table. Is there a way to adapt a 3 jaw chuck to that?

    I do not have a lathe, and have been using the rotary table with a MT-2 drill chuck inserted into it for holding small pieces of round stock to mill. But that is pretty limited.

    Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Two solutions I can think of:

    1) Attach the chuck to a back plate with a step that is larger than the outside diameter of the chuck. Then clamp the chuck to the RT using the T Slots. The biggest disadvantage with this method would be time consumption while centering the chuck each time it is removed or replaced on the RT. A second disadvantage is that given you have only a 6" RT, chuck size would be reduced considerably, perhaps to 3" or 4 " maximum. The advantage would be accuracy. You can adjust the chuck to be dead true.

    2) Make a #2 MT arbor with male threads that match the back plate on your chuck. In your case, since you have no lathe you would probably have to farm this out to someone that does. The disadvantage would be no ability to compensate for run out of the chuck, it would be fixed. The advantage to this method would be quick centering with run out being around .003" to .005" depending on the accuracy of your chuck, the MT taper in the RT and the arbor. Most 3 jaw chucks will have about .003" run out when new, more as they wear.
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      I personally would probably install a 4 jaw chuck. It could probably be bolted directly to the T slots.
      Don Young


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        MT Boring head adapter,5/8" plate turned,faced and threaded to match adapter.
        Counter bored T bushing and shcs to draw it up tight in the RT.


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          Thanks for all the good responses, and for the photo. That will help a lot.


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            What Don Y said !!! .... that is the set-up that I have. Look for 4 jaw chuck that already has four c'bored screw holes for mounting.... screw right to your tee slots.

            Joe B