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Treadmill Motor Tutorial Help Needed

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  • Treadmill Motor Tutorial Help Needed

    I have a 2.5 hp treadmill motor I have removed from a Weslow 890 treadmill. I have set the electronics on a bench. Basically it runs.
    I first should interject that my electronics skills are very basic. I would like to use this motor on a belt grinder I am planning to build. I would like to use the speed control feature but have no use for the other functions.

    As I said earlier, the motor runs, but as the motor starts to speed up. It stops and I get an error code. I really don’t want the control panel that came with the treadmill. Does someone make a reasonably priced controller system that just allows me to turn it on and off and allows me to control the speed?

    If there is no aftermarket controller. How do I disable the other functions from the controller board? At the moment it will not run unless the incline motor is hooked up.

    What kind of max RPM should I expect to get from the motor? I sure never turned any high RPM on the tread mill.
    TIA any help will be appreciated.

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    Pictures would help. Does the controller have any identifying numbers on it? Hopefully it's an MC-60. They are very easy to mod into a nice controller.

    I have a MC-60 waiting to be put into service on my lathe. Already have on running my mill and one on my sand muller. I'll go take some pictures of it.



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      There are many on ebay made by KB Electronics or Baldor, basically two type, the SCR or the PWM type, the PWM type have a slight superior edge for less switching noise and smoother lower rpm's.
      There are sensors on T.M. boards for rpm and motor presence etc, this is most likely why you get error, most TM motors have a digital tach on the shaft.
      You normally should expect ~2000-2500 rpm.
      Speed is dependent on voltage and torque is dependent on current, regardless of rpm.


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        I took pics of my spare MC-60 controller and a test setup with a PM treadmill motor, AC power cord salvaged from a treadmill, and a 5k ohm linear pot hooked up for speed control. There is no feedback or rpm detection directly on the MC-60. Treadmills that have this controller have those extras in the electronics of the console.
        One addition I haven't shown in the pics is a Double Pole Double Throw toggle switch wired between the controller and the motor for reverse, if needed, and a safe on of for power in. If the DPDT toggle is the center off type it can be used to stop the motor. You can also add a single pole toggle switch in the wiper lead to the pot. When opened, it will allow the motor to be stopped and started without having to turn the speed pot to zero and back up to speed. In other words, the motor will stop and when re-started it will run at the same speed it was set at by the pot.

        Hope this helps.